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Wires And Cables Fixed In Constructions

SHF Welding Cable is used for flexible welding lead connecting the electrode holder to the welding machine and ground lead in the secondary circuit of electric arc welding systems. It has following features:

1. As the electrode holder connecting lead, the flexible welding cable has good bending performance, which due to adopting special compound thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE) to be the sheath.

2. The sheath material get good performance on tear resistance and wear resistance. The cable is difficult to be scraped by sharp steel members when the worker dragging.

3. The environmental conditions of welding operation is complex, such as sun exposure, close to boiling water, contact with muddy water, engine oil, acid or alkali liquid etc.. SHF Welding Cable has weather resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance, can last long under the complex working conditions.

4. SHF Welding Cable has the Good heat resistance and deformation. It will not easy to be deformative when contact with hot weldments.